Starting exercise can be made easy by setting goals you are sure you can meet.

In my case (office job, no training whatsoever before) but needing to lose weight I started out with this settings:

  • Warmup time. The time I need to walk to the nearby park. 5 minutes. I can just walk or even do stretching muscles.

  • The number of repeats for the below I set to 5
    • Run in a slow pace (1 minutes)
    • Run in a fast pace (0 minutes)
    • Walk at ease (3 minutes)

Just adjust to what you can cope with. It is very satisfying when you meet the goals you have set, however easy they are.

The app, when you push start, will show a circle representing the time your exercise will take. It will begin with the warmup time. It will vibrate when you need to change your pace. Can be running easy, running fast or walk at ease. The icon on the screen will tell. The time is represented in an arch starting from the bottom and grows clockwise till the end. Plan your route so you end up home before you are exhausted.

Do this for a couple of days and next set your targets a little bit higher. And so on. You will lose weight, gain condition and you most certainly will feel better.