This app manages your Tabata workout by giving haptic (vibration feedback) signals on the moments you need to rest and start a new round. 

On the settings screen on your phone you can configure colors, number of Tabatas, number of rounds and workout/resting times.

On start it will countdown the preparation time. 

Heartrate display in the large workout widget.

Next it will guide you through the rounds giving a vibration when to begin and when to end. Before each begin a 3,2,1 countdown is pulsated.

When your workout reaches the moment to take a short brake you will receive haptic feedback and the big timer changes to the color you assigned to the resting color.

After the resting period the large workout circle color will change back to what you assigned as active color and a new round starts.

When you have set more then 1 Tabata

When you have finished the rounds you are getting a vibration telling it is time to take the longer pause between each Tabata and after that, rounds will start from the first again and the Tabata counter increases.

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