You should open this settings screen directly after install. You can set your Tabata preferences, display style and colors. Simply tap on the options (lower left of each one) to open a settings dialog. If there are more options then fit on the screen, scroll by swiping up or down.

Each change you make is immediately reflected on the screen of your device. If this does not occur, close the app and reopen the app again.

Number of Tabatas 

Set the number of grouped rounds you want to run. 

Seconds rest between Tabatas 

Set the resting time between Tabatas.

Rounds per Tabata 

How many rounds (combinations of workout time and resting time) you want to track

Seconds per workout and rest between workouts 

A workout is a combination of activity and rest. So if your workout is 45 seconds and your rest is 15 seconds then each round is 1 minute.

Seconds preparation 

The time you need between clicking start and starting your exercise. (Get the bells, climb the trainer and so on). 

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