All of our apps and clockfaces

The following apps are developed by COSS. On your phone, tap on the links to explore and install on your device. Some apps and clockfaces can be tried for free during one hour. Apps and faces run on Ionic and Versa/Sense unless specified otherwise.

AbstractArt (Clockface, Versa3 and Sense only)

Big and Simple (Clockface, Versa3 and Sense only)

Photo View (Clockface with your own image. Versa 3 and Sense only)

Moon Glow (Clockface. Versa 3 and Sense only)

Radar (Clockface, Versa only)

Valentine (Clockface, Versa only)

NixieCardio (Clockface, Versa only)

Eternal Flame (Clockface)

Happy New Year (Clockface)

Christmas (Clockface)

Business Clock (Clockface)

Dolphin (Clockface, Versa only)

Pilot (Clockface, Versa only)

Eroded (Clockface)

Casino (Clockface)

Zeroes (Clockface, Versa only)

Darts (Clockface, Versa only)

Nineties (Clockface, Versa only)

Eighties (Clockface, Versa only)

Rangefinder (Clockface, Versa only)

Seventies (Clockface, Versa only)

Moon BloxX (clockface)

Tesla Tower (Clockface, Versa only)

Diver (clockface, Versa only)

Sixties (Clockface. Versa only)

Photo Frame

Subtle Stats (Clockface)

Framed (clockface for Fitbit Versa only)

Cardiogram (clockface)

World Clock (clockface)

Dress Watch (Clockface for Fitbit Versa only)

Cockpit (clockface for Fitbit Versa only)

Gauges (clockface)

3D Plate (clockface, Ionic only)

Biorhythm Time (clockface)

Retro LED (clockface)

Tabata Timer (app)

Perspective (clockface, Ionic only)

World (app)

Analog One (clockface)

Neon (clockface, Ionic only)

Bitcoin Alert (app)

Moon Phase (clockface)

Cool Stopwatch (app, Ionic only)

Run Walk timer (app)

World Time (clockface, Ionic only)

Big Simple (clockface)

Calculator (app)

Analog Two (clockface, Ionic only)

Skyline (clockface, Ionic only)